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“Working with sexually harmful youth: A comprehensive view of assessment, formulation, treatment and ‘finishing well’”: This training presents a uniquely Australian perspective across a broad range of cases with youth who sexually harm. From the first contact of a client’s details landing on a therapist’s desk, through to the client successfully walking out the door on the last day of contact, Russ takes you through a theoretically sound, anecdotally informed journey that will assist you from the moment you leave the training and see the next client. The major aim of this training is to enable and empower practitioners - psychologists, social workers and others – to utilise strategies that work. This is a strength-based training; where we take your already existent skill base and build on it. Not only will you learn to work in different, exciting ways with your clients, but you will learn to ‘finish well’; gaining skills and confidence such that when your clients do walk out the door, they are ready to do so.

Dr Russ Pratt: Assessment, Formulation and Therapy with Sexually Harmful Youth

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