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Prime Forensic Psychology is focused on bringing you relevant, up-to-date training that meets your needs and suits your busy schedule. Prime provides both face-to-face and web-based training. Watch this page for exciting events that either come to you on your computer via webinar training, or near your home town. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can tailor training for your organisation or group. There's always an option with Prime!

Wizard Skills: Working  with adolescents who engage in harmful sexual behaviours to build skills for a healthy future: Working with adolescents engaging in Harmful Sexual Behaviours (HSB’s) requires skilled and confident practitioners who can assist youth to manage HSBs, and also to utilise strengths-based, skill-building approaches in order to develop a healthy ‘future’ adult persona.

Anette Birgersson and Christin Santiago’s Wizard Skills program combines sound therapeutic tools, including DBT and Recreational Therapy, within a Risk-Needs-Responsivity framework. Wizard Skills training develops clearer, comprehensive understanding of how interventions can be tailored to individual client-needs - rather than ‘one-size fits-all’ approaches which do not adequately address complex presentations.

You will develop new skills in a safe environment, with Anette and Christin guiding you in developing the skills showcased, via both discussion and demonstration. You can be as active as you want, being guided in ‘trying out’ the interventions presented. Anette and Christin aim to introduce you to ‘ways of treatment’ in a fun way – but with purpose - both for you and for your clients.

“Working with sexually harmful youth: A comprehensive view of assessment, formulation, treatment and ‘finishing well’”: This training presents a uniquely Australian perspective across a broad range of cases with youth who sexually harm. From the first contact of a client’s details landing on a therapist’s desk, through to the client successfully walking out the door on the last day of contact, Russ takes you through a theoretically sound, anecdotally informed journey that will assist you from the moment you leave the training and see the next client. The major aim of this training is to enable and empower practitioners - psychologists, social workers and others – to utilise strategies that work. This is a strength-based training; where we take your already existent skill base and build on it. Not only will you learn to work in different, exciting ways with your clients, but you will learn to ‘finish well’; gaining skills and confidence such that when your clients do walk out the door, they are ready to do so.

“Keeping The Brain In Mind: Utilising Neurodevelopment And Sensorimotor Interventions To Address The Impacts Of Trauma On Learning And Behaviour With Our Complex Young Clients”: This training looks at the connections between dysfunctional early life experiences and problematic behavior by examining what we know about the neurological impact of early trauma and insecure attachment relationships on children and adolescents. We will present a treatment approach which seeks to integrate the brain and body based research on trauma and attachment and our understanding of “healthy” childhood development with an emphasis placed on interventions that help the child achieve developmental progress rather than those that “solely” look to find a means for stopping negative behavior.

Lunchtime Webinar Series: This 8 hour package from August 2017 is still available!  Dr. Phil Rich presents Assessment and treatment of sexually abusive youth: Foundation and practice. Enhance your skills in assessment and treatment of youth  with sexually abusive behaviours. The first 2-hour session introduces the basics, the second 2-hours provides more complex theory, building your knowledge to a new level. The third session focuses on case formulation and case discussion with the fourth session focusing on case examples.  These sessions are a cost efficient way to build your expertise and fulfill the requirements for your professional development hours. 

Real time live group supervision via webinar with Dr Russ Pratt.  Two groups - 'beginning to intermediate' and 'high intermediate to advanced'. Five 90-minute sessions over ten weeks. Practical case-based and issues-based supervision suitable for all levels of experience. Russ is a registered Forensic Psychologist supervisor, however these supervision groups would also be suitable for social-work trained practitioners.  Ideal for practitioners who want to have the experience of group supervision but don't know where to access a group. These sessions will enhance your practice skills, providing you with skills and tools to 'go deeper' into the work. Can be used as part of registration requirements for College membership, call Russ for details about this. Another great way to fulfill the requirements for your professional development hours. 

Click here for our Live training or Click here for our In-house training options. 

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