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Working with adolescents engaging in Harmful Sexual Behaviours (HSB’s) requires skilled and confident practitioners who can assist youth to manage HSBs, and also to utilise strengths-based, skill-building approaches in order to develop a healthy ‘future’ adult persona.

Anette Birgersson and Christin Santiago’s Wizard Skills program combines sound therapeutic tools, including DBT and Recreational Therapy, within a Risk-Needs-Responsivity framework. Wizard Skills training develops clearer, comprehensive understanding of how interventions can be tailored to individual client-needs - rather than ‘one-size fits-all’ approaches which do not adequately address complex presentations.

You will develop new skills in a safe environment, with Anette and Christin guiding you in developing the skills showcased, via both discussion and demonstration. You can be as active as you want, being guided in ‘trying out’ the interventions presented. Anette and Christin aim to introduce you to ‘ways of treatment’ in a fun way – but with purpose - both for you and for your clients.

Wizard Skills: Working with adolescents who engage in harmful sexual behaviours.

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